More than
sports and recreation-related eye
injuries occur each year.
Eye injuries are a
leading cause of
blindness in children.
of these injuries can be
when children wear
proper eye protection.
Over half are
suffered by
children, and may
cause loss of
vision or complete
loss of an eye.
13 minutes,

someone is treated for a
eye injury in
a US emergency room.
Regular eyeglasses
and contacts won’t
protect eyes from
injury and may even
make things worse.
A high-speed ball
Aggressive body contact
A swinging bat or racket
can all cause serious
eye injury
Most eye injuries
among kids
aged 11 to 14
occur while
playing sports.
“If it wasn't for this equipment, our kids would not nearly be the players they are.”

Donald A. Krantz, Tuscarawas County Girls Fastpitch Softball Association
Young athletes often lack
the reflexes, coordination,
strength, or experience to
avoid eye hazards.


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