How we grant equipment

The Superspecs / Play Hard. Don’t Blink. sports eye safety program works with organized Ohio youth baseball, softball, basketball, and soccer leagues to prevent eye injuries by donating protective equipment free of charge. In addition, we offer sports safety goggles on an individual basis for children participating in a variety of athletic activities.

Our goal is to serve as many leagues as possible. We give careful consideration to each application we receive. Participating leagues applying for additional equipment to add teams or replace equipment will be served based on helmet availability. We hope that if you’ve already benefited from our program, you’ll support sports eye safety efforts by purchasing additional protective equipment through league funds.

This year’s applications are now closed for the 2023 season. Please sign up below to be contacted when registration opens.

Types of eye protection

Soccer and basketball goggles: REC SPECS unisex goggles designed for maximum protection and comfort. All goggles donated through our program meet or exceed ASTM F803 impact resistance standards. Can also be used for squash, badminton, racquetball, paddleball, handball, or tennis. Download our sports goggles spec sheet here to find the goggles that will work best for your program or child.

Baseball batting helmets: Rawlings batting helmets with a protective face mask. Five helmets are provided to each participating team. Helmets are one-size-fits-all and come in black. Helmets meet NOCSAE safety standards.

Softball batting helmets: RIP-IT Vision Pro softball helmets provide a wider field of view and better peripheral vision than any other fastpitch helmet. Helmets are ultra lightweight, eliminate glare, wick moisture, and have 21 strategically placed air vents keep you cool.

Softball fielder’s masks: RIP-IT Fielder’s Masks are ultra-light weight, and have steel construction for maximum visibility and durability. They also include moisture management padding (that’s replaceable and washable) to absorb sweat. Four fielder’s masks are provided per team.

Super easy to apply

Applications are now closed for the 2023 season.

Pre- and post-season questionnaires

We need your feedback to help eliminate eye injuries in Ohio.


Where can I get protective eyewear outside the Superspecs program?

Find protective eyewear in your area at one of the following:

Liberty Sport

Rawlings Sporting Goods

Hilco Vision Outdoor

To get more information about keeping kids’ eyes safe while playing sports, please call the Ohio Ophthalmological Society at (614) 527-6799.

How do I get my team or league involved in the program?

It’s easy. Just click here to apply.

Won’​​​​​​​t protective eyewear get in the way of my performance during a game?

Face guards and protective eyewear don’t impair a player’s concentration or reduce their ability to focus. In fact, many coaches feel that because young athletes have less fear about getting hurt, they can play with more confidence.