How we grant equipment

The Superspecs program works with Ohio schools to prevent eye injuries by donating safety glasses free of charge for career technical programs.

Our goal is to serve as many schools as possible. We give careful consideration to each application we receive. Participating schools applying for additional equipment to add classes or replace equipment will be served based on equipment availability. We hope that if you’ve already benefited from our program, you’ll support eye safety efforts by purchasing additional protective equipment through school funds.

Types of eye protection

This year we've partnered with McAuliffe's Industrial to help us provide the best protective equipment available to the most students possible in Ohio.

Download our career tech safety glasses spec sheet here to find the safety glasses that will work best for your school.


Applications are now open
for this school year.

Applications are now open for the 2024-2025 school year, and will run through June 10, 2024.

Pre- and post-school year questionnaires

We need your feedback to help eliminate eye injuries in Ohio.

Guidelines for Application

Superspecs is a three-year commitment. At the end of these three years, the equipment becomes property of the participating school.

If a participating school fails to submit information as requested during the three year period, the school will be required to return all equipment at its own expense.

School requirements

  • Must complete and return the pre- and post-school year evaluations for the next three years 
  • Must agree to provide superspecs educational materials provided with equipment to the parents, teachers, and students in your program
  • Must be a public vocational program in the state of Ohio with students between the ages of 5 and 18
  • Must mandate the use of the protective equipment while students are in an active learning setting

School Administrator requirements

  • Must accept overall responsibility for school adherence to program and use of protective equipment. If the person in the School Administrator role changes, it is the signing School Administrator's responsibility to notify Superspecs of the change and to inform the successor of the responsibility to the program
  • Must agree to supporting the Superspecs program and the importance of sports eye safety for young athletes
  • Must provide a complete roster of participating classes and students
  • Must complete the administrator's pre-school year questionnaire and information in the participant packet
  • School administrators are responsible for dispersing, collecting and returning all of the teachers' pre- and post-school year evaluations
  • Must agree to the possibility of having Superspecs representatives visit your school during the year
  • Must place a minimum order for 60 pieces 
  • Must provide space for the protective equipment to be housed until the school year begins


Where can I get protective eyewear outside the Superspecs program?

Try McAuliffe's Indutrial for for industrial-grade supplies and safety products. It’s where we get our safety glasses from. They are located here in Ohio and are a family business founded 100 years ago!

How do I get my school involved in the program?

Easy. Just complete an application by following the link above.

We do real, hands-on work in our classes. Will the safety glasses you provide hold up?

Yes! We provide industrial-grade equipment that’s flexible, light, and stays clear. Instructors have told us how happy they are with it. Many students keep the glasses when they graduate and use them at work.