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Gallia County

Baseball and Softball Helmets
City of Gallipolis225
Gallipolis Baseball and Softball70
Green Baseball Association Corp.90
Hannan Trace Youth Baseball/Softball League50
Ohio Valley Athletic Association815
Rio Grande Baseball Association50
South Gallia High School5
Tri Valley Conference10
Vinton Baptist Integrity League30
Soccer and Basketball Goggles

Looks like there’s an opportunity to provide protective eye gear to kids in your community.

Softball Fielder’s Masks
City of Gallipolis8
Green Ball Assoc and Ohio Valley Youth Athl12
Hannan Trace Youth Baseball/Softball League30
Ohio Valley Athletic Association126
Ohio Valley/Green Ball Association8
South Gallia High School25
Vinton Baptist Integrity League96
Vocational Schools
Buckeye Career Center300
Buckeye Hills Career Center800
Prescription Goggles